Contaminated Land Services

Core Environmental Projects provide services and support in specialist areas including contaminated land management, waste management, remediation, environmental management plans and environmental assessments to support environmental auditing to a range of private and government market sectors.

Whether it is a simple or complex site, Core adopt a site-specific risk assessment approach underpinned by science, engineering, legislative requirements, best-practice and risk assessment principles.

Our services include:

Environmental Site Assessment

  • Phase I desktop studies
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Groundwater investigation and management
  • Soil vapour assessments
  • Landfill gas assessments
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Expert witness and legal support

Soil, Groundwater and Vapour Remediation

  • Remedial feasibility assessment
  • Remedial systems design
  • Planning, delivery & management of clean-up plans
  • Environmental management planning
  • Ongoing monitoring and regulatory sign-off
  • Design and verification of gas and vapour mitigation systems
  • Design of leachate interception and management systems
  • Design and verification of containment systems

Soil Hazard Categorisation

  • Waste classification
  • Soil management strategies
  • Fast turn-around assessments
  • Asbestos waste management solutions

Underground Tank Management

  • Tank removal and validation
  • Multi-site tank management programs
  • Site risk ranking and staged assessment

Contaminated Land

Case Studies

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Landfill Gas Remediation Action Plan

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Mercury Vapour Risk Assessment and Mitigation Design

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