We have extensive experience in the investigation, risk assessment and remediation of landfill and soil vapour impacted sites.

Our ability to provide science-based risk assessment and engineered-based design services results in the development and implementation of scopes of work that are specific for each site to minimise wasted expenditure on remediation and/or mitigation.

Our services include:

  • Environmental site assessment.
  • Soil, groundwater and vapour remediation.
  • Underground tank management.
  • Soil hazard characterisation.
  • Landfill gas and vapour human health risk assessment.
  • Gas (GRMS) and Vapour (VRMS) Risk Mitigation System design and procurement.
  • Landfill gas interception wall design.
  • Landfill gas and vapour intrusion and fate and transport modelling, including Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling.
  • Development of gas/vapour remediation action plans.
  • Indoor air quality testing.
  • Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP).
  • Environmental Auditor technical support.

Contaminated Land

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