Remediation and Construction

Gas Collection and Leachate Management

The design of appropriate landfill gas and vapour intrusion mitigation and management measures are becoming routine requirements in the planning and construction process at ‘gassing’ sites.

We have contributed to the development of much of the current guidance relating to ground gas risk assessment and mitigation design and we have an excellent track record in the delivery of exemplary and innovative mitigation designs.

Core work with landfill gas and vapour remediation specialists and can bring in subcontractors and suppliers with a range of capabilities if required. Upon engaging Core’s services, the client receives expert advice from industry technical leaders, commonly resulting in time and cost savings.

Our services include:

  • Design of pathway interception barriers, including gas bore systems, trenched ventilation and cement-bentonite walls.
  • Landfill gas biofilter design and installation.
  • Landfill gas collection system design, installation and maintenance.
  • Landfill gas pumping trials.
  • Leachate pumping design and installation.
  • Trenching and pipe installation/ welding.
  • Landfill gas vent design and installation.
  • Telemetry and alarm system installation.
  • Vent emissions and air quality analysis.

Gas Collection and Leachate Management

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