Project Description

Project: Landfill Rehabilitation

Site: Former Sand Quarry

Location: New South Wales

Year Completed: 2017


Landfill Gas Risk Assessment, Landfill Gas Mitigation Design

The Project

Core Environmental Projects was engaged to undertake a detailed quantitative landfill gas risk assessment for a large master-planned residential precinct. The land proposed for redevelopment was formerly quarried for sand until the mid- 1980s before being backfilled with demolition and construction waste.


As the risk assessor, Core collaborated the site investigation consultant and Auditor to develop advanced landfill gas investigation techniques (seldom used in this field) to increase data confidence and ultimately meet the client’s objective; increase land value and avoidance of expensive landfill gas mitigation requirements (where justifiable).


A comprehensive and robust assessment of the data was completed in accordance with NSW EPA and international guidelines. A tiered approach to the assessment was followed whereby initial screening was followed by a complete detailed quantitative risk assessment, including site-specific modelling of gas flow from the ground under various influences such as tidal variations in groundwater.