Project Description

Project: Dual Purpose Leachate and Landfill Gas Collection Design

Site: Recently Closed Landfill

Location: Confidential

Client: Confidential


Leachate Management, Leachate Interception Design, Landfill Gas Interception Design

The Project

Core Environmental Projects was engaged to design a suitable leachate management system to control current and future leachate levels at a landfill site where despite a clay capping, steeply sloped edges adjacent to a lake had resulted in leachate outbreaks (approx. 5m of leachate head above ground).


The initial scope involved a detailed review of substantial factual and interpretative information relating to the site. Key objectives considered to all elements of the system to meet the requirements of the waste license included: control of leachate; reduction in levels; avoidance of pollution incidents; long-term stability of waste mass; minimisation of maintenance; cost efficiency; sustainability; buildability and synchronisation with the project staging.


The ultimate design involved modules of leachate interception panels, which were preassembled before in-situ construction. Supplementary controls were designed and installed along two boundaries in case of leachate outbreaks.


The system was interconnected with a gas and leachate extraction and attenuation system, whereby extraction volumes were controlled in accordance with discharge licensing.