Project Description

Project: Landfill Rehabilitation

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Year Completed: 2023


Landfill Gas Risk Assessor, Landfill Gas Building Mitigation Designer, Landfill Cap (Alternative) Designer, Technical Support – Civils, Tree Health, Gas and Odour Management, Strategic Advice (in relation to landfill gas management)

The Project

Core Environmental Projects were initially engaged to prepare a concept gas collection and interception design based on existing landfill gas investigations and risk assessments. Early in the review, Core identified several areas of opportunity where the landfill gas risks could be downgraded via detailed landfill gas investigation to support the completion of a quantitative landfill gas risk assessment.


In addition to downgrading perceived landfill gas risks, Core prepared an alternative landfill gas capping design which was accepted by the regulator by demonstrating equivalent performance against best practice guidelines. Overall, the risk assessment and design services resulted in cost-savings for the client in the order of $3.5M, while addressing concerns of the local council and regulator.