Project Description

Project: Landfill Gas Interception Design, Installation and Balancing

Location: Western Australia

Year Completed: 2023


Landfill Gas Risk Assessor, Landfill Gas Collection Designer, Landfill Gas Collection Installer, Commissioning and Balancing, Data Management and Reporting

The Project

Core Environmental Projects were engaged to design and install a lateral gas interception system at a landfill as part of the rehabilitation and subdivision of a site located in Perth, Western Australia.


The initial scope involved a detailed review of the quarry extent, gas migration potential, gas generation and feasible interception methods. Several rehabilitation and management options were considered during the conceptual design, including biofiltration systems, in-situ bio-enhancement and flaring technologies. Importantly, the system needed to demonstrate immediate compliance and acceptable gas risks to off-site land users to facilitate endorsement by the Auditor and regulator. Construction was completed in May 2023.