Project Description

Project: Landfill Gas Interception Design and Installation

Location: Victoria

Year Completed: 2022


Landfill Gas Collection Designer, Landfill Gas Collection Installer

The Project

Core Environmental Projects prepared a Gas Interception Barrier (GIB) design for the boundary of a former basalt quarry, now closed landfill. The purpose of the system was to intercept the lateral migration of landfill gas towards neighbouring properties both in the long-term and short-term during redevelopment of the site, which included additional capping and surcharge.


Several design options with estimated costings were considered during the conceptual design, including biofiltration systems and cement-bentonite walls. Importantly, the system needed to be low maintenance, cost-effective and integrate with the final built form.


The final design utilised our in-house Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling to optimise the design parameters including the gas collector bore diameters, spacings and depth while demonstrating acceptable gas capture efficiencies. Core were subsequently engaged to install the second and third phase of the system, which included the fabrication and installation of the final gas venting system.