Project Description

Project: Contaminated Groundwater and Vapour Intrusion Mitigation Design

Client: Confidential

Location: Sydney

Year Completed: 2019


Groundwater Impact and Ingress Assessment, Basement Waterproofing Design, Vapour Intrusion Mitigation Design

The Project

Core Environmental Projects provided advice regarding the design and installation of a contaminated groundwater and vapour intrusion mitigation system, where both elevated soil vapour and petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted groundwater intersected a proposed high-density residential basement development in New South Wales.


Core remit was to provide the client with design and mitigation options, while taking into consideration the unique basement structure and survivability concerns regarding the geomembrane(s) in contact with contaminated groundwater.


The design involved the assessment of a range of geomembrane products and structural barriers. Core were able to provide a range of options which were defensible both from a human health protection perspective and basement integration and durability perspective, whilst allowing the client and builder to select the preferred solution.