Project Description

Project: Landfill Gas Mitigation Design

Site: Warehouse and Office Development

Location: Melbourne, Western Suburbs

Client: Confidential

Year Completed: 2018


Landfill Gas Mitigation Design, Integrated Mitigation Design, Active Gas Mitigation Design

The Project

Core Environmental Projects was engaged to complete a detailed landfill gas mitigation design for a development proposed adjacent to a former basalt quarry, now operating landfill.


The design was complicated by the proposed large-spanning slabs and the uncertainty brought by the adjacent operating landfill. Early in the design process Core identified the potential for unacceptable mitigation performance if the gas protection system was to rely purely on a passive system (wind and stack effects). Accordingly, CoreĀ  utilised our multi-disciplinary team to design an active landfill gas ventilation system to effectively dilute landfill gas beneath the development.

vapour intrusion